ASIC statistics highlight a surge in insolvencies since 2020, a trend predicted to continue. No matter how disciplined your credit management is, it is impossible to be immune from bad debts.

Trade Credit insurance provides the necessary specialist tools for your business to trade confidently through protecting your Debtors Ledger – one of your business’s most significant assets. Trade Credit Insurance is an effective risk management tool. It covers the risk of non-payment due to insolvency, protracted default, or political risks. It can also provide coverage for other risks such as fraudulent orders, late payments, and currency fluctuations. Trade credit insurance can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business and can be used to cover both domestic and international sales.

Trade Credit Insurance Specialists

PSC Trade Credit Risk provide insurance solutions and sound risk management advice to businesses across New Zealand. Any business with debt exposures should ensure they are protected with trade credit insurance. PSC Trade Credit Risk can advise on insuring your invoices and credit portfolio, so that you can protect your cash-flow.

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Trade Credit Insurance Experience

PSC Trade Credit Risk has extensive experience in this particular class of insurance. Our experienced insurance brokers offer guidance and suggest policies after thoroughly analysing your business operations. Our remarkable proficiency in this area allows us to offer solutions for challenging Agribusiness placements that others may struggle with. Over the years, we have assisted numerous businesses in various facets of this diverse industry.

A boutique Specialist Credit Insurance Broker in the New Zealand marketplace, we provide the following suite of products:

  • Credit Insurance (Domestic & Export): Trade Credit or “Debtors” Insurance can protect your accounts receivable ledger from insolvency events, protracted default or non-payment, political risk and contract repudiation.
  • Credit Checks: Credit Checks can help determine the level of risk on a debtor with your business for adverse and updated market information and knowledge.
  • Credit Risk Solutions: Our Credit Risk Solutions Package provides your business with a credit limit opinion service, alerts and ongoing monitoring of debtors for adverse information.
  • Claims Specialist: We act on your behalf with any claim and will assist and guide you through the complete process quickly and simply.
  • Training & Education: We offer a range of training services to help you improve your credit management, plus assist with policy compliance.
  • Online Client Portal: You have access to your policy at any time of day through our purpose-built portal, allowing you to manage your policy online when it’s convenient for you.
  • Collections and Legal support: Your policy provides access to skilled and effective debt collectors to handle your unpaid invoices and any legal needs, leaving you to preserve your relationship with your customers.
  • Value Added Services: We can also support your business with a range of additional services, including premium funding, debtor finance, PPSR, access to our network partners, industry knowledge, claims expertise specialist, flexible payment options, training and compliance.

How we can help you

PSC Trade Credit Risk is the first broker specialising in Credit Insurance to be opened in the Victorian marketplace in the last 25 years. We are committed to personal service, and we communicate personally with our clients on all aspects of credit and risk management. 

Our experienced staff have been hand-picked from within the industry, so we can deliver ‘above and beyond’ for our clients. We help businesses find the most appropriate cover to address their business’ unique risks and help source and tailor policies considering all exposures. Working with PSC Trade Credit Risk has a number of benefits for clients:

  • Protect your profits: A significant proportion of your assets are from your Debtors Ledger (on average, 40% of your business). You already protect your physical assets, like machinery, equipment and business. Shouldn’t you also protect your business against bad debts that adversely affect your cash flow?
  • Protect your liquidity and cash flow: Credit insurance can provide a much-needed cash injection to your business if a customer defaults on payment. Subsequently, it prevents your business from failing due to the immediate effect on cash flow. We can help you arrange significant cash reserves to protect your business from long-term losses of customers and future revenue streams.
  • Expand your business with confidence: With the peace of mind of knowing that the cost of potential customer failures is already taken care of, you can focus confidently on growing your business. Your business can be more aggressive in its sales and marketing efforts by offering your customers higher credit limits and longer credit terms.
  • Strengthen your credit management: Whether you are trading with customers domestically or internationally, their creditworthiness can be affected by factors outside your control. To ensure you’re making the best decisions regarding setting credit limits, you can partner with us and gain access to our extensive knowledge database. With our help, you can confidently venture into new markets and territories without worrying about the creditworthiness of your customers.



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