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The Growing Importance Of Cyber Insurance

Cyber Protection Insurance

In today’s digital age, New Zealand businesses are facing an unprecedented wave of cyber threats; from cyber breaches to ransomware attacks. The surge in online vulnerabilities underscores the growing importance of cyber insurance. Cyber insurance not only provides a financial safety net in the event of a cyberattack but it also supports businesses in managing […]

Social Engineering Scams And How To Guard Against Them

Cyber PSC Broking NZ

Social engineering is the art of tricking people into offering up private and sensitive information. Once scammers have personal information, they can steal identities, use passwords, and even empty bank accounts. Social engineers work by playing on human weaknesses – such as trust, greed, compassion, curiosity or fear. Scams will often come in the form […]

Business Interruption Insurance in a Changing World

In the face of an ever-changing global landscape, New Zealand businesses are increasingly vulnerable to unexpected events that can disrupt operations. From natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, the potential for sudden interruptions is higher than ever. This unpredictability makes business interruption insurance an indispensable part of a company’s risk management strategy. Business interruption insurance […]

Natural Hazards Insurance Act (NHI) and The Fire Emergency NZ (FENZ) Levy update

New Zealand’s new Natural Hazards Insurance Act comes into effect from 1 July, 2024. It will replace the existing Earthquake Commission Act 1993 (EQC Act), that currently provides cover caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and landslides to damaged land and buildings. Natural hazard is a new defined term under the […]

Your Disaster Preparedness Checklist: What You Need To Know

As your dedicated insurance broker, your safety in the face of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes is our top priority. Here’s a specialised preparedness checklist to help you and your loved ones and work colleagues stay protected when confronted with the unique challenges of these events. Emergency Kit: Assemble a comprehensive emergency kit tailored […]